• Assertive Communication

• Effective Listening

• Goal Setting For Achievers

• Time Management

• Myers-Briggs Type Indicator - Personality Profiles at Work

• Identity and Impact

• Harnessing the Power of Stress

• Being Strategic and Authentic When Networking

• Building Resilience

• Becoming Exceptional

• Leadership Mastery Program (12 Month Program)

• The Ultimate Leadership Formula

• The Science of Motivation

• Establishing Winning Habits

• Negotiation Skills

• Shift Happens! Change without Chains

• Igniting Creativity and Innovation

• Coaching for Excellence

Our team of trainers know business, and learning

Our facilitators' styles are informal and informative. Fun is a great vehicle for successful learning and our team enjoy training, making it both entertaining and transforming. “If the participants aren’t learning, it’s because the trainers aren’t training. The whole idea of behaviour-changing delivery is that the trainer needs to adjust to the learner’s style, not the other way around. By making the training session an event, rather than a routine, you can enhance the experience and increase attention and retention." says our lead trainer, Mario Cortés

• Learnable Disciplines of Management

• Effective Delegation

• Presenting with Influence (2 Days)

• Strategic Problem Solving

• Decision Making and Execution

• Workplace Cultural Re-Alignment

• The Engaged Workplace

• Emotional Intelligence at Work

• Tough Conversations

• Developing High Performance Teams (2 Days)

• Resolving Conflict

• Dealing with Workplace Bullying

• Successful Meetings Lead to Action

• Superior Customer Service (2 Days)

• Call Centre Excellence

• Selling with Heart